Tuesday, December 27, 2011

January 2012 Newsletter

I hope you had a great holiday season and will have a happy new year! I will keep this newsletter brief; I assume like me, you have much to do for 2012. No time like the present to remove a few things from that list.

I will be teaching a workshop in the Carribean/West Indies aboard Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Sun. The two-day workshop I will be teaching is called (for now) Luce/Ombre...

Please join me for a jaunt in the West Indies and Caribbean aboard the MiniCruise '12 in October. I have been invited to teach the comprehensive workshop on the ten-day voyage, sailing from Miami on October 14, 2012... 

The two-day (16 hour) workshop we will build is called Luce/Ombre and is a nice plaza/stairway scene that reflects light and shadows and evokes imagery of central squares or off-the-beaten-path plazas in, perhaps, an Italian, French or Spanish village.

The two-day (16 hour) workshop we will build is called Luce/Ombre and is a nice plaza/stairway scene that reflects light and shadows and evokes imagery of central squares or off-the-beaten-path plazas in, perhaps, an Italian, French or Spanish village. The possibilities for design and finishing are endless and I think you will find Luce very appealing, as do I!

You will use stucco, Paperclay, and subtle paint washes to create the look of aged stone and brick. You will create and paint the faded wooden doors, install the stairway railing, and rig the unique lighting that brings this piece to life with subtle hues of warmth.

Luce measures appr. 10” wide, 11” high, and 11” deep. All necessary parts to build the kit are supplied, including electrical. Tools will be provided as necessary but a toolkit is recommended. It will be necessary for you to bring a box to pack the piece off the ship and back home.

We will not finish the exterior of the box in class, allowing you to create a painted, stained, or covered effect at home. The cost of this project is $165, and includes pre-shipping to you, and all materials to finish, light, and power the unit. I will mail you the essential pieces before October for you to do a small amount of prework at home so you are ready to do the main work on the ship. Full instructions are included, but as you know if you’ve taken one of my workshops, there is plenty of opportunity for spontaneous creation.

Look forward to seeing you in the Caribbean in October. Here is the flyer for the cruise and where to make reservations:

A 2-story gallery:

Art and benches are not included--point is, you are in charge.

I often make these galleries, in one configuration or another, sometimes one-story, sometimes two, and often with different angles an views. Customization is definitely available. They are a great way to showcase your art, whether miniature in scale, or just small by chance :)

Winter/Christmas themed room box:

Fully custom-made to suit your wants. The front is immaculate. The back is closed, but opens for fuol access to the interior. Flicker fireplaces, exterior sconces, full electricity/sockets included.

Let me know asap if you would like 2012 Christmas scenes.

I am designing several new pieces, some of which will be ready for the Orlando Molly Cromwell show in February. I will also have all of my currently available kits there, including the Japanese Moonlit room (see above). 

My next workshop is Rue de la Croix, to be taught in Chicago, April 17-19. Rue is a French 3-story building, rustic as usual, big, beautiful, and elegant. <more pics coming soon, including detailed "serving suggestion" interior shots>

You will walk away with a place to store all of your antique/Euro/mod collection in 1" scale. Please see my website  I am happy to email you a detailed brochure covering the construction of Rue de la Croix.

Erik Goddard

Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 2011 Newsletter

Another trip to California and another newsletter from! My deepest apologies I haven't gotten one out until now--especially to those of you who have signed up for my newsletter and wondered what for? 

The Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures in San Jose was a great time. The show was packed with people, alwasy a good sign, and I met lots of great people--customers, fellow artists, and clients. I also got to meet modern miniature types like minimodern, modern mini houses, and mini modernista. Also at the show were my peers Peter Tucker, PRD, and others. California has always been kind to me, and I look forward to a return trip.

Here are a few items I had for sale, in addition to my usual selection of primarily classic, modern, and Japanese-influenced structures and room boxes. This show, I focused mostly on modern, and in collaboration with Paris of PRD, found a very receptive and interested audience. Thank you everyone!

Speaking of shows, my next show is Philadelphia, the first weekend of November. I will have new items, including a Japanese room box that switches between daylight and moonlight, a room box based on Poe's The Cask of Amantillado, several modern structures, a few of my current kits (more on that below), and shoji lighting. 

A wo

I wish you all the best, and hope to see you soon. I look forward to hearing from you. 

You can follow my work on my website,, on Facebook, at this blog, and by email