Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer and into Fall

Hi everyone,
Hope things are well in your world! I've got a couple of updates for you.

I'll be at Chicago fall miniature show next week where the prototype for my 2013 Chicago International Workshop, Modern Loft, will be on display (see previous blog post for photos and description).

Then I'll be at Shellie's Miniature store in San Carlos CA September 15/16 for a workshop entitled Montresor. Below is information about that workshop.

After that I'll be at the San Jose show Oct 6 & 7, where I will be showing some of my modern stuff. More photos later.

Then I'll be teaching the workshop Luce aboard the cruise in the Caribbean October 14-24. See description and photos for Luce appearing in previous blog entries here. Then I'll be at the Philadelphia miniature show November 2-4, where I'll also have some modern items to show.

So, for Montresor: This is the first time this has been shown or taught on the West Coast and will be the last time it will be taught.

Montresor is a village located in central France. Down a quiet side street, past rustic shops and small cafes, you will find quaint houses built out of stone and overgrown with leaves. This room box is in 1" scale and is approx. 16" x 10" x 11" deep. The interior is ready for you to decorate as you desire. In this long two-day class you will use Paperclay to create the brick and stonework, age and weather the window and door, install ambient lighting, paint and weather all surfaces and use landscaping to create the effect shown.

Essential completion in class is anticipated, but you will have the knowledge to finish the project at home and contact me later for help on any finishing details. All materials to create the structure are included: box, door, window, lighting, power, landscaping and frame with glass. The interior items and bicycle are for illustration only. See more photos and details at A basic tool kit is recommended with a miter box, small hobby saw, and clamps being helpful.

The price is $600. The event date is Sept 15 and 16 2012. Please email/post/facebook me for further details or contact Shellie's store for reservations: