Monday, November 26, 2012


I am a huge music fan. Anyone who knows me knows that, or they will soon enough. I like everything from A to Z, except C, which stands for Country. Sorry, C&W (do they still call it that? I ask you, my cowboy hat and boot-toting friends) fans, your genre just got ignored by Goddard! Try again and we will see how it goes.

So, when I'm creating my stuff,whether that is a new photograph, a new piece of a novel, or an architectural model of some kind, I am almost always listening to music. I scroll through a lot of it, from one end of my mainstays, which is electronic, to the other, which is "classic rock." Disparate, anyone?

What can I do?

Well, today I was listening to this and that on Spotify, and there was Elton John. Great stuff for the most part. Think about it: Tiny Dancer, Benny and the Jets, Yellow Brick Road, Bitch is Back....need I go on. So in this festive mood, I suddenly encounter the dreaded Daniel. This song is a downer. It's like everyone suddenly got the same electric piano (like Styxx from the same period, or any number of bands who were heavier and suddenly succumbed to that mid-late 70s soft sound. Think Eagles) and decided to sing soft mushy stuff. Must be the clouds in my eyes.

So I got past that, and moved on to one of Elton's lesser known gems, IMO, called Writing, which is one of those soft sounding 70s tracks but is so cool in so many ways. If I weren't straight I bet it would be even more interesting.

Anyway, this weekend I was busy. I uploaded a couple of videos. One of them is the setup for an interview a Boston studio wanted to do. It took a time or two to get it right, and you might find the intervening step funny.

Another one I made is of the construction of a 1/12 room box called The Green Dragon. I made the video to last just a couple of minutes. It even has music! See it here.

Don't worry, it's not Daniel.
Danie...    Erik


  1. Hello Erik,
    I just saw the interviuew clip...I do the same thing every time I think of shingling my dollhouse roof. It was great to see the Green Dragon clip. You really are an incredible illusionist.
    I trhink music keeps me focused when working...but not Elton!
    Big hug,

    1. Awww, Elton has his place at the table, just not with that mushy stuff he turns out when finds just the right piano. At his best, his stuff was brilliant. And those glasses! I should be so lucky.

  2. Hi Erik!

    Loved the 'out-take' & your music selection to the Green Dragon video. I'm inclined to believe we're in the midst of a nouveau 'house music' revival --or perhaps that's just wishful thinking?

    1. It is not so much a revival, because good electronic beats have always been with us since Kraftwerk. The difference is, with the over-the-top early 90s sounds out of the way, the road was cleared for much better progressive house, and stuff like "trance" gave way to "ambient" and "downbeat" and so on. As for the back sound in this video, it's from Russia: Dima & Max. Edited a bit, of course.

  3. Hi Erik,
    I rocked my way through your Green Dragon video. Your windows and the lamplights are my favorite. Your interview was silly and fun. Thanks for the laugh. :-)

  4. Love all your work. And your interview was super cute! The mushy music is to keep girls listening - we love that stuff. And if you ever get bold enough to try some progressive country, I'll introduce you to Shania Twain and Brad Paisley. I grew up on the old C & W music, and a lot has changed in the Country world since then. Come to Texas and I'll feed you real barbeque and take you to the gun range too. :D

  5. Barbecue and the gun range, bless your heart! Thanks, always nice to hear from you!