Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tree House "Blue Moon"

Tree House "Blue Moon"...

Built in the upper branches of a massive elm, Blue Moon looks proudly over a quiet stretch of a river winding its way through rugged hill country. Because of its remote location, Blue is best reached by watercraft. In fact, all supplies during construction were carried to the site in this way. 

Visitors who first arrive at the site and moor their craft are immediately captivated by the multi-leveled platforms towering above them. Scaling the three ladders to reach the main level, they notice the namesake immediately: on the front door is a large window in the shape of a blue crescent moon. 

The tree house consists of three main rooms, with an uppermost lookout post for surveying the landscape and keeping an eye out for intruders, and a lower deck for enjoying warm summer evenings. 

The main room, while small, is filled with light from the intricate bay window, and contains the necessities for cooking and maintenance. A ladder from within leads to a trap door in the ceiling which provides access to the lookout post and to the sauna room. Like all rooms, this room is fully stormproof when the windows are closed and the trap door is secured. 

The sauna room has a changing area with sink, towels, and toiletries, a small porch for cooling down and enjoying a break from the heat, and the main sauna room with a wall heater and stones. There is a wooden bucket to throw water onto the heated rocks to create more steam. 

The bedroom, located across from the main room, has windows on three sides, allowing a great view of the river. Not only that, a skylight provides plenty of morning light to wake a guest up feeling refreshed. 


  1. So nice to see more pictures of Blue Moon! It is a beautiful piece. I've always wanted to build a 1:12 treehouse but haven't found the right tree yet...

    1. Thanks. This is 1/24 scale actually. I think 1/12 would be too massive and requ ire a huge tree!

  2. Hello Erik,
    What an amazing project. I just love that you took an idea and brought it to life like this. The detail is just perfect. It looks like it's been sitting there for years.
    Awsome work! just awsome!

  3. it's great for a 1/24 scale I really couldn't tell until you said something :)