Saturday, February 16, 2013

February 2013

Hi everyone! Long time, no see?! Where you have been?

I've been travelling a bit, and in fact, my next stop is in Atlanta at the Tom Bishop Miniature Show on March 1 and 2. I would love to see you there!

I introduced a couple of new pieces in California recently. The first is called Enchanted Clearing, and portrays a deceptively simple scene of a cat sitting by a royal-looking chair at a clearing in the woods. An ornate chandilier hangs from a tree---just what you'd expect in the average clearing, right?

The other one is a partly dressed room I had built and shown naked previously. It could still use some artwork, which is shown in some pictures, but here it is with some lived in appearances. It is called Element. It is a modern piece portraying a view out from about the 15th floor of an urban landscape.

Also, a reminder that my next workshop is at Chicago International in April. It is a modern loft with a window view, a converted warehouse room looking over an urban scene in New York from around the  20th floor. See the Tom Bishop website for more information about registration, or contact me with any questions.

Ciao for now. I've got some exciting previews coming up that you will want to see!



  1. I love lofts and these are great! I will be watching. Thanks for the info on the Tom show. I just might see you there. :-)