Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Workshop: Modern Loft

My workshop at Chicago International on April17 & 18: It is a modern loft with a window view, a converted warehouse room looking over an urban scene in New York from around the 20th floor. 

See the Tom Bishop website for more information about registration, or contact me with any questions.

Once a busy mill, the empty warehouse and storerooms of this brick-and-wood factory were converted into upscale condos when the neighborhood underwent a development boom. This room is one room of an implied larger space. Having been outfitted by the previous owner with Japanese shoji screens, through which the city daylight provides a warm glow, Loft offers beautiful views of an urban landscape. The hardwood floors, wooden ceiling, and rough brick walls enhance the simple elegance of this room. Two wall sockets of standard size are available for you to install lighting of your choice. The exterior of the box is a simple off-white and the front is framed as shown, although you can skip or vary these as you choose.  

Accessories shown, such as lamp and books are for display only and are not included.  

In this workshop, you will take a pre-made box and create the outside scene, install lighting and electrical outlets, age and place the wooden beams, and use Paperclay to create the rough brick walls on the left and right sides. No particular experience is required, but you will gain plenty! Be ready to get your hands dirty. This room box is about 16”w x 14”h x 14”d (40 x 36 x 36 cm).  

Reservations must be received by April 1, 2013.