Saturday, April 6, 2013

Studio #7

This is a artist's studio. There are several details to peruse, and since it is an artist's space, I'll just let the images tell their own story! This is a room box in 1/12 scale and measures about 20" wide, 11" in height.


  1. Hi Erik, I wish I had this studio, it looks gorgeous as usual. The wall outside the door is great!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. As looks real. I've seen very similar loft-conversion spaces in Los Angeles.

  3. Hello Erik,
    I do not think anyone does a better job at lighting roomboxes then you. I love the brick in the hallway behind the door. Your roomboxes are always so fresh and crisp. It is a great pleasure to see your work.
    Big hug,

  4. This box gives me a clear image of an artist working in there and getting inspiration from the soft lighting and creative atmosphere. Great work!

  5. Thanks to all. This is one of about 2 or 3 that I plan in the artist studio concept