Thursday, March 21, 2013


This is a brand-new piece, portraying a simple room with a view of a narrow Japanese garden in 1/12 scale.

Doing the tatami this way--all vertical--is a first for me, but I like the way it came out.

Hm, where does that gate lead to?

The small pond in the garden. The garden is only 4 inches from fence to edge of the step.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Queen Vic

And the trials and tribulations therein...

As any of you know who watch Eastenders, the long-running drama from the BBC and one of the UK's most popular shows on television, there is one location that any fan of the show can name. The "local" in Walford Square, The Queen Victoria pub, is a frequent place of drink, festivity, infighting and all-out brawls, and easily the most visible location on the set of the show. 

My model is the second version I have built. The first was a donation to PBS and was used to raise funds in the US to air the program. 

The second is a commission and is nearly ready for delivery. Both are built in 1/24 scale, resulting in dimensions of approximately twelve inches high and sixteen wide (30 cm x 41 cm). Both models portray the prominent two sides of the pub, since the rear two sides are not shown on the set. 

In both cases, I used a frame approach rather than solid walls, due to the numerous windows, doors and angles across the surface of the lower portions of the structure.

In the second draft, I did use solid panels with window openings on the top half, and created better looking window frames to better match the jagged style of frame used on the set piece.

The side door for deliveries:

Nearing the bend, starting to look like a pub. This is the first draft nearing structural completion. 

The general shape and appearance is intact, minus the front lamps, sign and exterior minor details.

I'm about this close with the second version, and I will post photos of the work in progress in the coming weeks. 

But then, drumroll! The Idiot Award goes to...... me! For building and having a sign painted in 1/12 when my structure is in 1/24. So.... I build a new sign in 1/24 and had it painted. It should arrive shortly and then I can complete the project. See?

Update: 3/28/13: The Queen Vic is finished.....

Here is the right side. The delivery door seen on the lower right side of the image opens up to reveal 3 switches, which control the three modes of lighting for the pub: only outside lights, only inside downstairs, or only inside upstairs, or of course you can choose to have all lights on.

Here it is with just the upstairs lights on. This would be after hours after closing. Probably just as much bickering and scheming going on up there as you'd find downstairs during business hours...

Here is a shot with all lights on. Note that these "light" shots were taken before the sign and foliage are installed.

Here it is with inside downstairs lights off:

And here is the freshly painted sign, just hung. This shot is from the front left:

Right side:

The sign and front globe lanterns...