Sunday, November 30, 2014


Here is a new piece called Milan:

It is a room box in 1:12 scale and features wooden floors, built-in lit cabinets, beautiful stained-glass windows, and various lighting modes. 

Milan is a true collaboration, with whippets made by Designer Dog Miniatures, stained glass windows by Barbara Sabia, curtains and furniture accents by Wilson Santiago, chandelier by J. Getzan, and various handcrafted pottery and other items made by Red Dragon, Jason Feltrope, and Hairy Potter.

The room portrays what was originally a nobleman’s study, and later redeveloped into the front office of an upscale clothier. It features multiple modes of lighting.

A handheld remote control allows you to switch between the lighting of the (1) overheads, (2) built-in cabinets, (3) chandelier, (4) "outside" lighting, and three auxilary switches for your own lighting.

The frame is contemporary and understated and features museum glass--you can hardly tell it is there.