Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hello blog --blogger/blogspot stays!

Friends and fans: While I was going to bid farewell to this blog and only use the blog on my website, I realize I have quite a niche here and many of you enjoy following me here. So I've reconsidered, and will continue to do this blog as well as my new one.

I have redesigned my website, and while I will maintain  y new blog there with updates and details, including new projects, blog entries, and everything else, I will also continue to update this one.

I hope you all come over and take a look. I'll be sorry to leave this venue and will miss everyone who stopped in, but having everything under one roof will definitely keep the house tidier. I think I've always liked clutter anyway.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Barnacle WIP -- water shots in progress

Barnacle is one of those projects that never seems to end. I let it go for months, then return to it with a fury thinking just a few days will knock it off. But it continues. I always overestimate how much work I can get done in X amount of time. 

Barnacle is a 1:48 scene of a tiny shanty house perched upon a rock in the middle of the sea. Here are a couple shots of the dock and waterfront, before the water was added: 

The house itself is nearing completion, but still has a ways to go. For the record, the interior views of the house are not as critical as the exterior views of this scene, so I didn't spend much time on the inside. 

That fireplace flickers too. I'll post a video some day in the next updates Barnacle.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Studio #9

A new art studio, 1:12 scale

Everything is scratch-built except for the stool.

And of course a little time spent messing around with some effects. I like this B/W, looks a bit like a 1940s shot of some studio.

This one is cool too.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

15 Fathoms Deep

Introducing "15 Fathoms Deep" a diorama in 1:12 scale.

"The year was 1884. Captain Swagger was a thief and a charmer. Operating his rusty submersible Trieste with a crew of three, riding beneath the waves and sneaking into ports around the world to relieve jewelers of their wares, Swagger seemed invincible. But he had one weakness.

On June 2 at 7:04PM and a depth of 15 fathoms, fleeing Parisian ships on the surface after a heist, the word is that Swagger was overcome by thatweakness. No one knows what became of Swagger and his crew, but rumors swirl to this day of a wealthy lady who stops into ports from time to time. No one knows where she comes from, or where she goes, but all the merchants anticipate her arrival because she pays in gold and jewels..."

The figures were custom-made by Deb Laraway Mackie and Bev Gelfand. Round of applause for them!