Thursday, April 2, 2015

15 Fathoms Deep

Introducing "15 Fathoms Deep" a diorama in 1:12 scale.

"The year was 1884. Captain Swagger was a thief and a charmer. Operating his rusty submersible Trieste with a crew of three, riding beneath the waves and sneaking into ports around the world to relieve jewelers of their wares, Swagger seemed invincible. But he had one weakness.

On June 2 at 7:04PM and a depth of 15 fathoms, fleeing Parisian ships on the surface after a heist, the word is that Swagger was overcome by thatweakness. No one knows what became of Swagger and his crew, but rumors swirl to this day of a wealthy lady who stops into ports from time to time. No one knows where she comes from, or where she goes, but all the merchants anticipate her arrival because she pays in gold and jewels..."

The figures were custom-made by Deb Laraway Mackie and Bev Gelfand. Round of applause for them!


  1. Erik! If I could I would blush LOL! Only because Swagger ( cool how he is steam punk) and his lady friend are so realistic and the story so intriguing would I feel like blushing! Deb and Bev did a great job! Now to go sit down on my fainting couch and wait while I wait for the vapors to leave me! lol

  2. That's awesome grandmommy, then I will consider my work here done! Thanks as alwyas!

  3. J'aime beaucoup les changements de thème en miniature ! :)

  4. Hihihi grandmommy, love your comment ;)!
    Hi Eric! Your Swagger and his lady friend don't look like they do have a problem that we can peek at them, so I also don't have any trouble to look at them LOL :D!
    These miniature scene is wonderful, the characters are gorgeous, I like their steam punk style.
    Kind regards, Ilona

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