Sunday, April 12, 2015

Barnacle WIP -- water shots in progress

Barnacle is one of those projects that never seems to end. I let it go for months, then return to it with a fury thinking just a few days will knock it off. But it continues. I always overestimate how much work I can get done in X amount of time. 

Barnacle is a 1:48 scene of a tiny shanty house perched upon a rock in the middle of the sea. Here are a couple shots of the dock and waterfront, before the water was added: 

The house itself is nearing completion, but still has a ways to go. For the record, the interior views of the house are not as critical as the exterior views of this scene, so I didn't spend much time on the inside. 

That fireplace flickers too. I'll post a video some day in the next updates Barnacle.


  1. Amazing! I don't know how you manage to put in so much detail in such a tiny scale!

  2. Thanks Andy. The nice thing about smaller scale is you can fit so much into a small space.