Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Workshop #2 at Chicago International -- April 14, 2016: Creating Atmosphere and Ambiance with Lighting

This workshop will be held from 8am to 2pm on April 14 at the Chicago International show. For registration details, see the Tom Bishop website for more info.

Contact me with any questions in them comments below, email, Facebook, etc.

When it comes to miniatures, nothing provides that spark of warmth and realism like lighting. There is lighting that recreates the effects of real desk lamps and overheads, and that has its place, but in this workshop, we'll focus on techniques that provide ambience, depth, and feeling to a scene, using different colors and intensities of light sources to create a "stage-like" effect: out of sight, but illuminating different parts of a scene into focus. In other words, ambient lighting.

We will use several examples of lit vignettes, both interior and exterior, to illustrate the effects different combinations of lighting can create. We will examine the various aspects of incandescents versus LEDs with their unique textures, colors and other properties.  After going through an overview of different lighting strategies, students are welcome to discuss their own challenges and potential lighting exploration using their own real life examples.

Note: this is not a basic "how to" wiring class--students should have a basic understanding of wiring and power supplies. Think of this class as a "painting with light" type class, where the paint is not the main concern, but the effect it creates.

Fee is $100