Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lumière: a 1:12 scale modern house Part 5

Here are some shots of the wiring going into the lower unit, which feeds everything in the house. That controller will allow multiple circuits to be switched on and off with a remote .

This is before ceiling and foor moulding finished off the look. In the center of the left and rear walls you can see a small dot, which is a socket to allow custom light to be plugged in.

Some of the wood that went into the upcoming floor boards for the second level, as well as the initial exterior siding.

Some of the wood used for walls, moulding, beams, and as well as window construction.

Some weird angles and planes went into these joins....

For the ceiling, I used mahogany strips which are out of scale when viewed individually, but will end up looking the part when side by side and viewed within the context of the build. Here they are stained with a light finish.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Lumière: a 1:12 scale modern house Part 4

The 1st-floor ceiling/2nd-level floor is a sandwich where most of the electrical wiring is hidden. The window framing on the first floor is nothing more than stock lumber with grooves created by 1/8" material on two sides, into the middle of which goes a layer of plexi to form the window.

Why acrylic when I usually use glass? Because this finished piece is going to be shipped far away and I don't want to risk any cracking of glass.

Here is the upper beams going in. The first version of this structure I made this part with one long beam. I made this one with one lower part, and a long section for the top, for no particular reason. Either way, getting the placement exactly centered involved gravity:

Worked well for the task. Then to secure it into place on two planes. Here also is the second part of the 2nd level wall going in, with window openings.

 Starting to look the part. When lit and with plexi attached it is starting to look a bit more real.

Here is the tedious process of installing the floorboards for the 2nd floor. Stained, dried for a day or two, then placed in random lengths. When dry, I applied a couple coats of poly for a nice sheen.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Lumière: a 1:12 scale modern house Part 3

The next thing to do is create the main happening area within the space that we define as the ceiling of the lower level and the floor of the 2nd. Within this space is all the wiring for the below lights, and the junctions leading to the 2nd floor wall sockets, to allow for additional lighting for the user. I used spacers to create a depth high enough to account for the LEDs emedded below, and for the wires to lead to the wall outlets whic will come into place soon.

Here you can see the first panel (inner wall) going in on the left side.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lumière: a 1:12 scale modern house Part 2

Now that the main structure with exterior walls are roughed in, here is a shot of the first floor with wood flooring laid down. Those strips on the left and back walls are spacers for the interior wall to go in. The ceiling shows the can lights placed in their holes. The can lights were made from vinyl conduits from a hardware store that had a little flange on one end. 

Here you can see the second floor from the top. I wired flat LEDs to the tops of the conduits so they shine light downward. All of the lights in the main room below are controlled with one circuit, while the ones in the overlapping sections are on their own circuit.

Here is more spacing and wiring going into the walls. The rear shows the wiring leading up to the top level, which will be controlled by its own circuit as well:

The let LED/conduits. Note how all the wiring coming from above enters through a hole, and is attached to the controller which allows the user to change each circuit as they wish:

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lumière: a 1:12 scale modern house Part 1

I will document the build of a modern house in 1:12 scale. Let me know your thoughts and questions!

The build is similar in style to another modern house I made a couple years ago, which featured bold right angles, solid lines, lots of glass, and a sweeping roof opening up the overlapping second floor to the maximum amount of light and views. The main differences with this project, which I've dubbed Lumière, is that it's wider, the window configuration is different, and it's taller to accommodate a third-level catwalk for additional storage. The client's wish is to use this as a display for her vast collection.

The first task was to float some ideas based on the general principle. While I started down the path of a skylight (her request) and even partial glass floors, we eventually scrapped that idea in favor of solid surfaces and no skylight. The other change to this proposal was that the catwalk goes around two sides of the interior, instead of three.

Next thing is to build the main structure. I used a bass of solid thick MDF, and walls of thinner MDF. This construction will have both an exterior and interior wall, with wiring within the walls.

Getting the dimensions right for the walls:

Here the second level floor is cut and going into place: