Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lumière: a 1:12 scale modern house Part 2

Now that the main structure with exterior walls are roughed in, here is a shot of the first floor with wood flooring laid down. Those strips on the left and back walls are spacers for the interior wall to go in. The ceiling shows the can lights placed in their holes. The can lights were made from vinyl conduits from a hardware store that had a little flange on one end. 

Here you can see the second floor from the top. I wired flat LEDs to the tops of the conduits so they shine light downward. All of the lights in the main room below are controlled with one circuit, while the ones in the overlapping sections are on their own circuit.

Here is more spacing and wiring going into the walls. The rear shows the wiring leading up to the top level, which will be controlled by its own circuit as well:

The let LED/conduits. Note how all the wiring coming from above enters through a hole, and is attached to the controller which allows the user to change each circuit as they wish:


  1. Your overhead lighting is Fabulous! I also am admiring the way you have laid the main floor and added depth to the second to accommodate the light fixtures- but what are your plans for hiding the battery pack, as that particular problem always stumps me.


    1. That unit is actually a controller to control the multiple circuits in this structure. The power comes in from the back of the unit.

      As you will soon see, the controller will be hidden behind an unused space where a stairwell would be but which we've opted out of in this case.