Friday, December 16, 2016

Lumière: a 1:12 scale modern house Part 4

The 1st-floor ceiling/2nd-level floor is a sandwich where most of the electrical wiring is hidden. The window framing on the first floor is nothing more than stock lumber with grooves created by 1/8" material on two sides, into the middle of which goes a layer of plexi to form the window.

Why acrylic when I usually use glass? Because this finished piece is going to be shipped far away and I don't want to risk any cracking of glass.

Here is the upper beams going in. The first version of this structure I made this part with one long beam. I made this one with one lower part, and a long section for the top, for no particular reason. Either way, getting the placement exactly centered involved gravity:

Worked well for the task. Then to secure it into place on two planes. Here also is the second part of the 2nd level wall going in, with window openings.

 Starting to look the part. When lit and with plexi attached it is starting to look a bit more real.

Here is the tedious process of installing the floorboards for the 2nd floor. Stained, dried for a day or two, then placed in random lengths. When dry, I applied a couple coats of poly for a nice sheen.