Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lumière: a 1:12 scale modern house Part 5

Here are some shots of the wiring going into the lower unit, which feeds everything in the house. That controller will allow multiple circuits to be switched on and off with a remote .

This is before ceiling and foor moulding finished off the look. In the center of the left and rear walls you can see a small dot, which is a socket to allow custom light to be plugged in.

Some of the wood that went into the upcoming floor boards for the second level, as well as the initial exterior siding.

Some of the wood used for walls, moulding, beams, and as well as window construction.

Some weird angles and planes went into these joins....

For the ceiling, I used mahogany strips which are out of scale when viewed individually, but will end up looking the part when side by side and viewed within the context of the build. Here they are stained with a light finish.