Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lumière: a 1:12 scale modern house Part 1

I will document the build of a modern house in 1:12 scale. Let me know your thoughts and questions!

The build is similar in style to another modern house I made a couple years ago, which featured bold right angles, solid lines, lots of glass, and a sweeping roof opening up the overlapping second floor to the maximum amount of light and views. The main differences with this project, which I've dubbed Lumière, is that it's wider, the window configuration is different, and it's taller to accommodate a third-level catwalk for additional storage. The client's wish is to use this as a display for her vast collection.

The first task was to float some ideas based on the general principle. While I started down the path of a skylight (her request) and even partial glass floors, we eventually scrapped that idea in favor of solid surfaces and no skylight. The other change to this proposal was that the catwalk goes around two sides of the interior, instead of three.

Next thing is to build the main structure. I used a bass of solid thick MDF, and walls of thinner MDF. This construction will have both an exterior and interior wall, with wiring within the walls.

Getting the dimensions right for the walls:

Here the second level floor is cut and going into place:


  1. I agree about the glass floors. I do like the skylight. I just like the way light hits things in a mini scene.

  2. Love the shape of the structure and I agree that the catwalk be restricted to 2 sides instead of three which I am assuming are the 2 window sides?

    1. That is correct. The right wall has a partial wall and the catwalk could extend to the foremost measure of that. However it seemed superfluous to have a small section, so skipped it.

  3. I think a skylight would be a cool addition.

  4. I do too but it didn't make the cut this time