Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lumière: a 1:12 scale modern house Part 6

I mostly forgot to take progress shots of the floor-laying, which is a cumbersome job. The strips are just basswood, stained with a light finish (I think I used the special walnut by Minwax), and dried for a couple days. Then it's just a matter of laying them in one by one, staggering the lengths so you have a random overlap.

Here are the first of the horizontal crosspieces going in to support the vertical beams and provide dimensions for the windows and doorways.

The "catwalk" you can see forms a sort of 3rd level, an attic/storage space that the client requested. I put some LEDs in the bottom plane of that to minimize the shadows beneath that.

Seemed to work for some mammals. And here you can see how the floor strips came out. That variated pattern is just a result of the stain hitting each strip a little differnetly. I like it.

Testing the look and feel of the wide mahagony strips that will from the ceiling:

A view from the top looking down into the main area of the 2nd floor:

The beams are just resting in placed for now, not attached, but things are starting to look the part.


  1. How your skill at knowing how to configure things like in the next to the last pic boggles my mind. My imagination on the last pic goes wild! So awesome!